Company Presentation

The MIT chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers welcomes company presentations at our meetings. However, we ask that the presentation be geared toward the types of careers available for mechanical engineers, and not a hard sell on the success of a company. Sharing real work experience is more beneficial not only to our members, but to the companies, who will spark more interest than they would with a presentation filled with statistics and rankings.

ASME will arrange and pay for catering, a nice room (usually 3-370), and any A/V equipment the company wishes to procure for the presentation. We will also advertise with large posters, email, and other means. Donations are welcomed to offset event costs.

If you would like to arrange a presentation, or you have any questions regarding our format, please contact the ASME-Exec.

Please note that other company sponsored events are encouraged. Please contact the ASME EXEC to discuss further details.