Internal Relations Committee

Goal: Serve as campus liaison

• Communicate with other student organizations on campus, ME Department, Course 2 faculty etc.
• Organize ASME events that are partnered with other student organizations on campus such as PTS, GAME etc.
• Enhance the communications between students and faculties by organizing events such as student faculty luncheons and lab tours

Couple of the things we are currently working on: 
2A Focus Group 
The class of 2015, 2014, and 2013 have a choice to follow the new 2-A, the old, or a hybrid of both. The Committee’s job will be to oversee these new changes and get students input on:
• What works?
• Scheduling Conflicts
• Transition from other Majors
• Coming up with solutions
For more information on the new 2A program, please refer to the Course 2A Website.

Peer Adversing
MIT ASME is working closely with the ME department on putting together a peer adversing platform, where students can ask questions to peer advisors about classes, extra curriculum, UROPs, internships, and life at MIT in general.
If you are currently a Junior or Senior in the department and interested in being a peer advisor, please contact Brandy Baker (brandyb).

SolidWorks Workshops
Want to learn how to use SolidWorks and be more prepared for 2.007? Don’t worry we are on it. The Internal Relations Committee is currently working on setting up a SolidWork workshop series that’s open to any students on campus. We need your support to make this happen soon! Please contact us if you are interested in participating!

Contact Fernando Nunez ( if interested in joining the committee.