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MechE students across various majors and concentrations, and at different stages of their MIT careers, volunteered as peer advisors. They offer forum-based advice to younger students on anything ranging from class tips and suggestions, to the UROP application process, to their personal experiences. Our peer advisors have had a wealth of experiences working for various companies during internships and professors during UROPs.

Disclaimer: The Peer Advising program is a student-run program and is not endorsed by the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It does not replace the student’s Academic Advisor and should not be used a reference for Department of Mechanical Engineering Policies. Peer Advisors and MIT ASME may not be held liable or responsible for any of the comments, views or information expressed or any actions taken based on content of this blog.


Angela Chu – 2014
Major: 2 with a Minor in 4
Angela Chu Angela is a senior interested in product design and manufacturing, and has had the opportunity to UROP at the Ideation Lab as well intern at Goddard Technologies and Boeing. Her favorite experience at MIT has been spending two weeks in Tokyo for an international robotics competition. She loves art and architecture, and is exploring a minor in Course 4 as well as a concentration in visual arts. In her spare time she is a photographer, Trashion designer, and sorority member.
Katy Gero – 2013
Major: 2A with a Concentration in Robotics and Control
(picture coming!) Katy is involved in Student Government and is president of her dormitory. She is interested in lighting design projects, rock climbing, hiking, and figure drawing. She has interned at Innovations in International Health and she has completed a UROP with with the Hatsopoulos Microfluids Laboratory (HML).
Joy Lee – 2013
Major: 2A with a Concentration in Bioengineering
(picture coming!) Joy enjoys writing and playing IM Sports among other things. She has had a Course 2 UROP with the d’Arbeloff Laboratory for Information Systems and Technology and a Course 10 UROP.
Chris Welch – 2013
Major: Mechanical & Ocean Engineering with a minor in Energy Studies
CW Chris maintains an active presence on campus as an officer in Phi Beta Epsilon, a team lead on the Marine Robotics Team, a member of the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers, and as a counselor for the Freshman Leadership Program. He has ample experience working with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and has worked within Chevron’s Energy Technology Company on their Metocean team. After completing another internship with Chevron in their Civil, Structural, and Marine Engineering unit, Chris intends to pursue a PhD in Applied Ocean Sciences & Engineering within the MIT-WHOI Joint Program.
Chacha Durazo – 2014
Major: 2A with a concentration in Control, Instrumentation, and Robotics, 15 (Management)
CD Chacha likes to travel and study foreign cultures and languages. She likes to sing, is involved with religion, and is a part of the breakdancing group Immobilare. She also likes to cook, bake, eat, and build things. In the past, she has had a UROP with D-Lab, and a UROP with the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Engineering with Prof. Culpepper. This summer, she will be interning at General Compression, a company that works with wind energy.
Bridget Hunter-Jones – 2014
Major: 2A with a in Robotics and Product Desig, Minor: Management
Bridget Hunter-Jones Bridget is involved in her sorority at MIT, Sigma Kappa, as well as the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program (GEL). I have had a UROP in the d’Arbeloff Laboratory with Professor Asada and in the BioInstrumentation Lab. This past summer I interned with Qualcomm in Andover Massachusetts working on developing flexible display screens. This summer I will be working for a start up in Cambridge developing needle-free injection devices.
Emily Hupf – 2014
Major: 2A with a Concentration in Product Design and User Experience
EH Emily is involved in the Tech Catholic Community, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program (GEL). She likes indie rock, baking, travelling, and 3D printing. She has had plasma physics UROPs and a 3D printing internship with Formlabs. She has also worked for Stryker as a MechE test engineering and design intern.
Steven Jens Jorgensen – 2014
Major: 2A with Concentration in Robotics
Steven Jorgensen Steven has been fascinated with robots since high school, and has been working with robots ever since. When faced with the dilema between being course 2 or course 6, he decided to go with course 2A to get the best of both worlds. During the summer of 2011 he and a fellow colleague developed an omnidirectional robot for an MIT museum exhibit. On the summer of 2012, he went to Yokohama, Japan with the help of MISTI to work for IHI. Now for the summer of 2013, he is currently working in CSAIL as a MechE UROP for MIT’s Darpa Robotics Challenge (DRC). He has still a lot to learn about robotics, but everyday is a learning progress. He wishes that he can offer everything he has learned thus far to undergraduates in hopes that they can get the best out of an MIT education. Steven also keeps a blog of things he has done in the past.
Tanya Liu – 2014
Major: 2
Tanya Liu Tanya likes to play violin and has been a member of both the MIT Emerson music program and Chamber Music Society. She is a senior in Course 2 and has interned with various companies such as General Electric and Ford. Tanya has had UROPs with the MIT Media Lab and Applied Math Laboratory, and has participated in both MISTI China and MISTI Italy. She is also a member of Pi Beta Phi and was a part of the MIT Techfair last year.
Jackie Sly – 2014
Major: 2OE (Mechanical and Ocean Engineering)
Jackie Sly Jackie grew up in Southern California and entering college she knew she wanted to study engineering in school but it wasn’t until she was at MIT that she became involved with ocean engineering. She’s extremely interested in project-driven learning and MIT has given her plenty of opportunities to get involved with exciting projects. The most notable projects she has worked on so far have been an autonomous underwater glider with the MIT Marine Robotics Team and an aluminum-seawater reactor for a REMUS with the MIT Rapid Development Group. This summer she has been working on characterizing underwater LADAR at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratories in the Active Optics Group of the IRS & Tactical Systems Division.
Katie Spies – 2014
Major: 2A with a concentration in Product Development, 1A with concentration in sustainable design, Minor: Energy Studies
Katie Spies Katie is on the club crew team and enjoys running, music, and skiing. She is Co-President of MIT Medlife, which runs mobile medical clinics in South America, and is on the Energy Club exec board. She’s also a co-founder of a start-up called ProtoPrint that works in India to turn waste plastic into 3D printer filament. She’s interned with Fisker Automotive, a start-up electric car company, and will be interning with ExxonMobil over the summer of 2013.
Guangtao (Taotao) Zhang – 2014
Major: 2
GZ HASS Concentration: Economics
Taotao is president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) here at MIT. She has had UROPs related to product design, robotics, control, and energy systems. She has participated in UPOP and LeaderShape. Taotao has also worked for General Electric as a testing engineer and for Logic PD as a Transportation Mechanical Engineer.
Priya Garg – 2015
Major: 2A with a Concentration in Medical Devices
Priya Garg HASS Concentration: Economics
Priya is a rare species in the department for two reasons: she’s pursuing a concentration in medical devices for her 2a degree; and she’s pre-med. Feel free to shoot her an email if you’re considering either! You can also feel free to ask her about UROPs at MIT (in both courses 2 and 20), the externship program over IAP, working at start-ups vs working at a corporation, summer internships, living groups (she’s lived at both Simmons and East Campus), or any of the student groups she’s involved with. She’s on the board of SWE, on the organizational team for MIT H@cking Medicine, photographs for The Tech, and is super excited to be kicking off a new student group, Clowns@MIT, next year.
Paelle Powell – 2015
Major: 2
Paelle Powell HASS Concentration: Economics
Paelle Powell is an enthusiast of both design and engineering leadership! She is an MIT Arts Scholar, a Dramashop member and actress and draws comics for The Tech in her free time. She has been accepted to the MIT Gordon Engineering Leadership Program and will be the Intern Team Leader for a company called RYNO Motors (they build one-wheeled electric motorcycles!) during Summer 2013. Paelle entered Course 2 in January of her Sophomore year and would be more than happy to help with any questions, especially those related to finding internships, the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program, the Gordon Program, engineering leadership, or entering the major late!